If you enjoy Twiggy and the young-pretty-things look, you’re bound to have heard of – or crave a piece of – Mary Quant. Altough she didn’t invent the mini; a bold statement in 1966 when Quant started, she introduced it to the world at an appropriate time and place. The rules of fashion changed during the 60s – the world had indeed seen it’s fair share of bare flesh for a couple of decades – but never before had youth, teenagers and young adults been at the centre of fashion. Quant’s mini was age-appropriate for the new leaders of trends, too short for the conservative adults to dare but perfect for teens that above all wanted to claim their youth back. Alongside popular politics they weren’t afraid to stand out, to make a statement and use the adrogyne look to their advantage. Quant was frontwoman, in short A-lines in sweet pastels, loafers and a geometric sharp cut hairstyle. The leggy look, perfected by long false lashes and bold tights, has us blessing Quant for releasing her simple mini on the world. Conservatives be damned.

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