Feel me

Τον τελευταιο καιρο εχω κολλησει με το συγκεκριμενο τραγουδι.Οι καλλιτεχνες ειναι η Νατασσα Μποφιλιου και ο Tareq.Απολαυστε το !!!

Feel all the words that you sang in my heart
Feel all the notes that you wrote for my part
Feel all the music ever played for me
Feel all the wishes ever wished you and me

Open your heart in the page we both loved
Like a whole new addiction
Ending our book in the show we both starred
Spreading our love with no conviction

Unfeel all the signs that commanded to stop
Unfeel all the zeros that imagined our drop
Unfeel all the miracles calling your name